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KONE Company Profile


The KONE Group was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 1910. After more than 100 years of development, KONE has become one of the largest suppliers of elevators and escalators in the global elevator and escalator industry with annual sales of more than 100,000 elevators and sales of 7 billion euros. It consists of subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and employs more than 50,000 people.


KONE products are available in Europe, Asia and North America Manufacturing at each production base, dedicated to providing sales, installation and maintenance services for elevators, escalators and moving walks to customers around the world. At the same time, KONE is also an industry pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, and has long been praised around the world for its innovation and leading technology.


As an industrial engineering company with more than 100 years of history Company, KONE has always regarded the elevator and escalator business as its main business. Over the past 100 years, KONE has fully demonstrated its ability to accept challenges, create opportunities and seek development.


KONE Elevator was founded in Finland in 1910 and is headquartered in Helsinki, the capital, has a 109-year history of elevator production and is one of the top three elevator and escalator suppliers in the world. In December 1996, a wholly-owned factory was established in Kunshan, Jiangsu, covering an area of ​​240,000 square meters and with an annual output of 100,000 units. Finland KONE Group owns 100% of the shares, all of which use the most advanced KONE EcoDisc permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology .











Global brand achieves four unifications and “10 firsts” summarize it as follows:

KONE unified technology trademark, unified technology platform, unified installation Maintenance standards, unified safety production standards.
1) The world's first permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine was developed and invented by KONE.
2) The world's first machine room-less elevator was released by KONE.
3) The world's first small machine room elevator was released by KONE.
4) The longest elevator test shaft in the world is 350 meters (Finland).
5) The world's tallest building, Taiwan 101 Building, runs the world's fastest elevator at 1010 m/min (16.8 m/s).
6) The machine room-less elevator with the world's largest load of 5,000 kg was installed by KONE at "Capital International Airport".
7) The world's largest moving pedestrian walkway was installed by KONE at "Capital International Airport".
8) The world's most energy-efficient elevator is KONE's butterfly motor-driven elevator.
9) The most economical elevator in the world is KONE's machine roomless elevator.     
10) The company with the longest lifespan for elevator traction machines in the world.
11) In the infrastructure construction and World Expo of "Green Olympics"  , KONE Elevator has the highest share, reaching 80%.


KONE has become the world's largest Supplier of gear elevators and machine room-less elevators, the main features of their products are as follows:

1" Technology Leadership:
 KONE took the lead in developing the toothless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine successfully developed and used in all products. It has obvious advantages such as low speed, high torque, oil-free environmental protection, low power consumption, etc. The traditional squirrel cage motor speed is about 1500rpm, The motor is only 30 to 95 rpm, the volume and weight of the motor is only one quarter of that of the traditional squirrel cage motor, and the power consumption is only 40% of the traditional squirrel cage motor, which greatly saves the elevator equipment. Post-run costs.

2" Brand Advantage:
    KONE, as one of the three major suppliers in the global elevator and escalator industry, has been admired and praised by its peers around the world for its technological leadership and creativity since 1910. Gearless traction technology has won many international awards, the most famous of which is the "1999 American Nova Architecture Innovation Award - the Nobel Prize in Architecture".

3" Safety and reliability:
KONE Elevator's unique permanent magnet synchronous disc motor-EcoDisc® motor has only one moving part and runs at a speed lower than 100rpm, which can avoid the occurrence of failure to the greatest extent and improve the reliability of elevator operation. Very long service life and maintenance-free; in addition, the permanent magnet rotor of the KONE disc motor will ensure that the elevator car runs at a speed of 0.1m/s under the action of permanent magnets in the event of a complete power failure, avoiding malignant The hidden danger of accidents; KONE's patented dual-control brake system is more foolproof and ensures the safety of passengers' lives.

4" After-sales service guarantee:
In order to protect the interests of customers, KONE Elevator has set up more than 500 wholly-owned KONE maintenance stations nationwide, and has set up spare parts warehouses in Kunshan headquarters and 52 branches. Salary maintenance engineers are directly responsible for the daily elevator maintenance work in strict accordance with the national and KONE maintenance specification procedures, preventing the occurrence of failures to the greatest extent. , in order to ensure the interests of customers and increase the value of customers' buildings.

“KONE EcoDisc® The motor (KONE disc motor) is the perfect combination of the advantages of traditional traction drives and hydraulic drives. Since then, the problem of the machine room has no longer troubled designers and contractors, and it represents the development direction of elevators in the future. ” 
            ---  From the authoritative American Elevator Technology Magazine

KONE awards

1) KONE Elevator - rated as &ldquo by the Ministry of Construction ;Annual Influential Enterprise of Public Energy Saving Technology”
2) KONE elevators and machine room-less elevators - rated as "the best supplier of real estate in China" by the China Real Estate and Housing Fair Organizing Committee.
3) KONE Elevator - rated as "2008 Beijing Olympic Green Building Excellent Technology Brand" by the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Construction and the Olympic Organizing Committee.
4) KONE Elevator Small Machine Room and Machine Room-less - Awarded as "Selected as "National Healthy Living Demonstration Project" by the Housing Industrialization Center of the Ministry of International ConstructionUse products”

5) KONE Elevator Company - Rated as "Consumer Rights 3.15 Credit Brand" by China Consumer Protection Foundation ;
6) KONE Elevator Company - was rated as "2008 International Building Energy Efficiency Model Brand Enterprise" by the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
7) KONE Elevator Small Machine Room and Machine Room-less - rated as "2009 International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (China) Science and Technology Demonstration Project" by the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association.
8) KONE Elevator Company was rated as "Top 100 Influential China in the World Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry" by the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association in the 2nd World Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry China Development Conference (the only one in the elevator industry)
9) KONE Elevator Company was rated as "National Quality Integrity AAAAA Brand Enterprise" by China Quality Integrity Enterprise Association.
10) KONE Elevator - won the "Top 500 Chinese Brand Growth Potential" at the annual conference of influential brands in Asia.

KONE Milestones Recap:< /p>

  • KONE is officially established in Helsinki, Finland.
  • KONE sells its 5,000th elevator.
  • Installed the first O&K moving walk at Sciphol Airport in the Netherlands.
  • KONE merged with Sweden's Asea-Graham Elevator Company, tripling its business and becoming Scandinavian The largest manufacturer of elevators and escalators in Navia and the entire Nordic market.
  • KONE acquired Westinghouse's elevator and escalator business in Europe.
  • 1985-1987 KONE successively acquired Italian Sabiem and Fiam elevator companies.
  • KONE has successfully developed a new line of slim escalators “translight” The world's first escalator manufacturer to obtain ISO9001 / BS5750 quality system certification.
  • KONE successfully developed a new generation of TransVarioTM escalators with planetary gearboxes and won the London Underground Escalator Contract The largest escalator order in elevator history.
  • 1994   KONE acquired the fourth largest elevator manufacturer in the United States Montgomery Company, becoming the North American company The largest elevator and escalator supplier.
  • KONE purchases all shares of Germany's O&K Rolltreppen GmbH, making KONE a global escalator and the leader in the moving sidewalk market.
  • 1996    KONE invented the world's first EcoDisc® disc motor Machine room-less elevator.
  • 1998    KONE invested and built a factory in Kunshan, China to produce KONE's latest KONE 3000 MonoSpace® ; Machine roomless elevators, KONE 3000 MiniSpaceTM small machine room elevators and KONE TransVarioTM escalators and moving walks.
  • 1998    KONE and Toshiba formed the most important strategy to date Alliance, agreement to license Toshiba to manufacture and sell machine room-less elevators based on KONE MonoSpace® machine-room-less elevator technology in Japan.
  • 1999    KONE introduces a new environmentally friendly escalator - the KONE ECO3000® escalator.
  • 2001    Toshiba signs historic agreement including mutual shareholding and licensing of Toshiba in China Market production and sales of elevators based on KONE MonoSpace® machine room-less elevator technology.
  • 2003    KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. successfully passed the Lloyd's Register ISO9001:2000 quality system certification upgrade Exchange certificate. On October 28, KONE Elevator celebrated its fifth anniversary and laid the foundation stone for the second phase of its factory.
  • 2004    KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. launched KONE 5000 MiniSpaceTM high-speed small machine room elevator and KONE Scenic Elevator sightseeing elevator. And at the 6th China International Elevator Equipment and Technology Exhibition held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center, KONE launched its advanced KONE AltaTM high-speed elevator and KONE DCS purpose floor selection system and other products, aiming at China's growing high-rise building market.
  • 2005    KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. launched KONE 3000S MiniSpaceTM small machine room elevator
  • 2006    At the 2006 China International Elevator Exhibition held in Langfang, Hebei, KONE For the first time, the latest research results of its sustainable technology application - SuperEco solar elevator are fully displayed.
  • 2006    KONE passed the Lowe's ISO14001&OHSAS18001 management system.
  • 2006    KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. provided all equipment for the National Stadium, the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Elevator, Finnish Prime Minister Vanhanen attended the signing ceremony between KONE and the National Stadium and delivered a speech
  • 2007    KONE China launched&ldquo ;KONE My Confidence Choice" elevator solutions, new products such as TravelMaster 1.2 escalator, and KONE's first-in-class renewable energy technology have attracted widespread attention from all parties.
  • 2007    KONE China opened a branch in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Became the first elevator company to set up a branch on the "roof of the world".
  • 2007    KONE China Wins New Shanghai International Financial Center in Pudong Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone Center (IFC) project, providing 84 KONE MiniSpaceTM small machine room elevators, 11 KONE MonoSpace® machine roomless elevators and 4 KONE double-deck car elevators, with a maximum elevator speed of 8.0 m/s. This is KONE's first double-deck elevator order in China.
  • In 2008, in the construction of all venues and infrastructure for the “Green Olympics” , KONE The elevator share is the highest, reaching 60%.
  • In 2010, among all the venues and infrastructure construction of the Shanghai World Expo, KONE elevators had the highest share, reaching 60%.
  • China's four major airports in 2012 (Capital Airport T3 Terminal, Hongqiao Airport and Hub Project, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Kunming International Airport) all use KONE elevators

Promotional conditions and service commitments

In order to better serve the leaders of your company , maintain a good cooperative relationship, our company has provided a preferential quotation plan with the greatest sincerity this time, and is committed to providing you with the most advanced gearless technology and the most high-end small machine room elevator configuration of KONE Group. I hope that in the future Be able to establish a long-term strategic partnership with your company.

1. Equipment quality assurance period: qualified from elevator acceptance 24 months from the date of delivery, maintenance is carried out twice a month, and a major comprehensive inspection is carried out every quarter.
2. During the warranty period, it is fully responsible for the operation quality of the elevator, and free replacement of all parts damaged due to quality reasons.
3. Free on-site training for 3-5 user personnel during installation.
4. After the goods arrive at the site, provide necessary technical data as required, including electrical schematic diagram, installation instructions, user manual, and certificate of conformity.
5. In order to provide you with a thoughtful and comprehensive service, our company will send a special person to be fully responsible for the normal operation of the elevator to ensure the daily operation of the elevator. The number of elevators is >30, and a dedicated maintenance station is set up.
6. Our company has a full-time maintenance station of KONE in Zibo, with sufficient spare parts inventory. If there is an unexpected situation, our maintenance personnel can rush to the fault site in time to detect and troubleshoot within half an hour, and provide technical services support.
7. During the warranty period, our company will be responsible for the elevator of your company.
8. Perform and supervise on-site assembly and commissioning of the provided equipment.
9. Provide detailed operation manuals and maintenance manuals for each part of the equipment.
10. Provide information and reports on manufacturing, sales and spare parts.
11. Our company promises to actively cooperate with the general contractor and the design institute in design communication, provide relevant technical information and data analysis free of charge, and provide pre-sale services in the bidding project participated in this time.
12. During the equipment installation and construction, KONE dispatched a project manager with rich on-site construction experience to be responsible for the construction coordination of this project and to deal with the production quality of equipment and materials. Fully responsible for the coordination and cooperation with the general contractor.
13. After the expiration of the quality assurance period, spare materials will be provided at preferential prices. And promised that all KONE maintenance personnel will be undertaken by the regular employees who signed the contract with KONE.

 After-sales service table

After-sale service


         Service Hours:24 < /strong>hours
         Repair response time:0.5< strong>hours

         Equipment operation rate: 99%above
        National unified service hotline:95105591 / 15921555591
  For details, please refer to KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. Maintenance System Introduction.



Provided from the date of the acceptance certificate issued by the relevant local government departments to the twenty-fourth (24 em>) month free maintenance service.
In strict accordance with the relevant regulations issued by the state, the elevator maintenance service is scheduled twice a month, and is responsible for submitting the annual inspection report of the equipment.
Free training for the relevant personnel of the buyer's construction site on the general operation and maintenance of elevators at the buyer's construction site.
 Provide professional technical consulting services on equipment operation guarantee.
Our company promises: The maintenance personnel responsible for your equipment are all full-time paid KONE employees of our company to ensure the normal operation and safe service of your elevators.
KONE Jinan Branch: 
Jinan Branch Address: Room 719, 7th Floor, CITIC Plaza, No. 150, Luoyuan Street, Jinan City
Tel: 0531-82057711             
 (Operation rate= 365days< /strong>*24hours-(stop time* stops)]} / 365days*24hours< /strong> 99%)
Note: Elevator downtime includes normal routine maintenance time;
Only KONE in the industry promises: 99% equipment operation rate;
Performance: High efficiency / High timeliness / High stability 

KONE products

1), novel elevators suitable for different grades of residential buildings and ordinary office buildings
2), luxury elevators for high-end hotels and office buildings
3) Standard escalators used in shopping malls and hotels
4) Public transport escalators and moving walks operating in heavy-duty environments such as subways and airports
5), escalators and moving walks operating in indoor or outdoor environments
6) Elevators and wave escalators, etc. customized according to customer requirements
7), high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed elevators suitable for different needs
8), elevator parts, etc.
9)、Provide elevator solutions for different buildings

Market Range

Europe includes (Finland, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Denmark and Russia)
The Americas includes (Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela)
Middle East and Africa includes (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa)
Asia Pacific includes (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand)

Innovation and continuous development are the cornerstones of KONE's culture. With industry-leading technology and the spirit of continuous innovation, KONE and its subsidiaries provide customers with a full range of services in the manufacture, sales, installation, maintenance and renovation of elevators, escalators and moving walks, so that KONE's Products have good quality and reputation.

Research and Development

In 1968, O&K escalators adopted gear transmission instead of traditional chain transmission, reducing the installation size and improve the reliability of system operation.
1977 The first escalator The control system Oktronic 101 starts operating.  
1979 KONE successfully developed a microcomputer elevator control system.
1982 KONE was the first elevator company to phase out Ward-Leonard DC drag technology.
1984 KONE was the first elevator company to use AC transformer technology.
1985 KONE established a new research and development center in Finland to provide technical support to KONE companies around the world.
1985 KONE was the first elevator company to adopt high-speed gearless frequency conversion technology.
In 1990, KONE invented the artificial intelligence elevator control system (TMS9000).
1996 KONE established the first elevator remote service system – KoneXion.
1996 KONE invented the world's first machine room-less elevator driven by a disc motor. KONE MonoSpace® machine room-less elevators have also won awards worldwide:
In May 1996, it was hailed as a technological revolution in the world elevator industry by <World Elevator> magazine
In September 1996, he won the grand prize at the Prague Architecture Fair
10/1997 Grand Prize at the International Exhibition of Architectural Achievements in Bratislava
In November 1997, won the highest award at the SAIE trade fair in Bologna, Italy 
In March 1998, won the Finnish Electrical Industry Annual Award
In February 1999, won the Nobel Prize in the global construction industry in the United States - NOVA Architectural Innovation Award 
In April 1999, won the Construmat Industrial Product Innovation Award in Spain
In October 1999, won the Asian BauCon Technology Innovation Award in Singapore
1997 KONE built the world's deepest elevator test shaft, which is 350 meters deep and has a maximum speed of 17 m/s. KONE will research and develop EcoDisc elevator traction technology for high-rise buildings here.
1998 KONE successfully applies high-speed elevator technology to the EcoDisc® disc motor series.
In 2002, the KONE TranSysTM machine room-less passenger and freight elevator was honored as "2002 Representative Product of the Year" by the British elevator industry, which was the second medal awarded by the British elevator industry. KONE was nominated for a near-perfect elevator renovation project last year.
2004 In response to market requirements, KONE launched the KONE AltaTM high-speed elevator. Through the genetic algorithm, the optimization law that simulates the natural evolution theory gives more freedom to the architectural design.
2004 Launched KONE 5000 MiniSpaceTM, a small machine room elevator suitable for high-end residential buildings and high-end office buildings.
In May 2004, the speed of the latest machine room-less elevator reached 2.5 m/s and the maximum load was 2000 kg. The rated load capacity of the latest machine room-less freight elevator has been increased from 2000kg to 5000kg
In 2006, KONE launched the MaxiSpaceTM counterweightless elevator, which is driven by a KONE PowerDiscTM motor, eliminating the need for a counterweight device in the elevator and saving one-third of the car space.
In 2006, KONE launched the InnoTrackTM moving walk, which uses the world's most advanced flat technology, known as "machine roomless" moving walk, without the need for a bottom pit, it can also be shortened, lengthened, changed color or dismantled and installed elsewhere .
In 2007, the double deck elevator (Double deck) was launched, which is suitable for high-rise buildings and further enhances the carrying capacity.



KONE in China< /strong>

With the rapid development of China's economy, China has The demand for escalators, escalators and moving walks continues to rise, and KONE Group's products are beginning to be known and familiar to Chinese customers. Headquartered in Hong Kong, KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. began to sell high-quality imported KONE elevators and escalators to mainland China in August 1986.

In December 1996, KONE Group established KONE in China Elevator Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. It covers an area of ​​420,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 units. It produces the world's leading technically machine-room-less elevators, small-machine-room elevators, high-speed small-machine-room elevators, machine-room-less passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walks.

In addition to investing in a factory in Kunshan to produce elevators, escalators, automatic In addition to walkways and related accessories, KONE Elevator has also established an extensive network of sales, installation, maintenance, and renovation throughout China by setting up branches and agencies. At present, KONE Elevator Company has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Qingdao, Xi'an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou, Tianjin, Kunshan, Dongguan, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Kunming, Hohhot, Shanxi, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Changsha, Hefei, Harbin, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Foshan, Lhasa and other central cities set up branch offices, and continuously improve the branch network to undertake the local and surrounding areas of KONE elevators, escalators and automatic Sales, installation and maintenance of sidewalk products.

In the past ten years, KONE Elevator has been Undertook many influential projects in mainland China, including China National Grand Theater, Beijing Oriental Sun City, Capital Museum, Bird's Nest (National Stadium), Shanghai Port International Passenger Transport Center, Capital Airport Expansion Project, Northeast Media Building, Guohai Plaza , Hongqiao Comprehensive Hub Project, Wanyin International Building, Olympic Village, Dalian CITIC Industrial Bank, Wuhan International Trade Building, Shanghai Shanda Garden, Shanghai Vanke Waltz, Shanghai Shanda Jinjiu, Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Tianan International Building, Shenzhen Foreign Trade Center, Dongguan Haoyuan Garden, Pengyun Plaza, Zhuhai Lingnan Family, Zhongshan · Yincheng East Garden, Zhengzhou Tongle Garden and Chongqing Longhu Lake Chentian Street and other projects.

KONE will maintain its consistent technological innovation and leadership , to provide elevator and escalator installation, update and maintenance services with the most complete solution, thereby increasing the value and efficiency of our customers' buildings.
KONE transports passengers and cargo in a reliable, innovative, dedicated and responsible manner, thereby adding lasting value to our customers' businesses and users' lives.

KONE's unwavering mission drives our efforts to reward developers investment, realize the architect's vision, integrate different styles of buildings, and bring a comfortable and pleasant experience to every passenger who takes KONE elevator or escalator products. KONE people believe that only in this way can we truly add luster to your building.

Introduction to the contract of key projects

Some of the world's iconic items


European region span>

♦  Swiss RE, London, UK < /span>

♦  Naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia

♦  Broadgate Tower, London, UK < /span>

♦  Capital City, Moscow, Russia

♦  CitiGrouP, London, UK span>

♦  Turning TorsO, Malmö, Sweden

♦  City Point, London, UK < /span>

♦  Skyper, Frankfurt, Germany

♦  Shard London, London, UK < /span>

♦  Tour CB31, Paris, France



Americas span>

♦  610 Lexington Avenue, New York, USA

♦  Park Hyatt Tower, Chicago, USA

♦  Trump Tower, Chicago, USA < /span>

♦  Swissotel, Chicago, USA

♦  Hyatt Center, Chicago, USA < /span>

♦  Le 1000 de la Gauchetière, Montreal, Canada p>

♦  311 S. Wacker, Chicago, USA

♦  Ritz Calton Hotel, Toronto, Canada

♦  Santa Maria, Miami, USA < /span>

♦  Dine, Mexico City, Mexico



Asia Pacific span>

♦  Q1 Gold Coast Australia Gold Coast

♦  Penisula Bankok, Bangkok, Thailand < /span>

♦  Cirle Con Cavil,Gold Coast,Australia Gold Coast

♦  KL118, Malaysia

♦  ABN Amro, Sydney, Australia < /span>

♦  Reflection, Singapore

♦  AuroraBrisbane, Brisbane, Australia

♦  Marriotte Hotel, Singapore span>



China region strong>


Public Building Projects< /span>

♦  National Theatre of China span>

♦  Shanghai World Expo Finland Pavilion span>

♦  National Stadium (Bird's Nest) < /span>

♦  Nanjing Youth Olympic Center span>

♦  Beijing Olympic Village

♦  Qingdao International Conference Center span>

♦  National Museum of China

♦  Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center span>

♦  Beijing National Convention Center span>

♦  Tianjin National Games Village span>

♦  Beijing Phoenix International Media Center < /span>

♦  Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena strong>



Mixed Project< /span>

♦  Beijing Galaxy SOHO

♦  Chengdu Raffles City span>

♦  Shanghai International Finance Center span>

♦  Raffles City Chongqing span>

♦  Shanghai Raffles City span>

♦  Jinan Plaza 66

♦  Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui span>

♦  Nanjing Golden Eagle World

♦  Shenzhen Qianhai China Resources Financial Center

♦  Haikou Twin Towers

♦  Shenzhen Energy Building

♦  Plaza 66, Wuxi

♦  Hangzhou Wanyin International Building < /span>



Office Project< /span>

♦  CITIC Tower Beijing

♦  Hangzhou Ping An Financial Center strong>

♦  Shanghai Ruihong New Town strong>

♦  Hangzhou Olympic Vanke Center< /strong>

♦  Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center strong>

♦  China Resources Center Haikou

♦  Shenzhen Merchants Plaza strong>

♦  Jinan Vanke Metropolis strong>

♦  Guangzhou Litong Plaza

♦  Xi'an China Resources Land MixC< /strong>

♦  Zhuhai China Interchange Hengqin Square



Hotel Project span>

♦  Conrad Beijing < /span>

♦  Hilton Suzhou

♦  Bulgari Hotel Shanghai < /span>

♦  Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley < /span>

♦  The Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, Pudong

♦  The Ritz-Carlton, Tianjin

♦  Hangzhou Xixi Paradise Hotel span>

♦  Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou span>

♦  Nanjing Marriott Hotel < /span>

♦  InterContinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

♦  Nanjing Jinao Hotel span>

♦  Hyatt Regency Suzhou span>




Transportation< /span>

♦  Beijing Capital International Airport strong>

♦  Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport strong>

♦  Beijing Daxing International Airport strong>

♦  Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport strong>

♦  Beijing Rail Transit 6< /strong>, 7, 8, 15, 16Line

♦  Shenzhen Rail Transit 2< /strong>, 8Line

♦  Beijing medium and low speed maglev traffic Demonstration line

♦  Shenzhen North Station Integrated Transportation Hub

♦  Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub< /strong>

♦  Nanjing Metro S8Line

♦  Shanghai Rail Transit 3< /strong>, 5Line

♦  Kunming Changshui International Airport< /strong>

♦  Shanghai Port International Passenger Transport Center< /strong>



Residential span>

♦  Beijing Longhu Shuanglong Original < /span>

♦  Hangzhou Country Garden Longyue span>

♦  Beijing Vanke Guancheng Villa < /span>

♦  Hangzhou Vanke Xilu span>

♦  Shanghai Merchants Garden City span>

♦  Xi'an Vanke Emerald State Guest span>

♦  Shanghai Longhu Yanlan Mountain < /span>

♦  Suzhou China Resources City Run House < /span>

♦  Shanghai Sunac Prosperity Riverside < /span>

♦  Xiamen Vanke Lake Island < /span>

♦  Guangzhou Greenland Yuexiu Haiyue < /span>

♦  Kunming Greenland Hai Po Lan Court

♦  Hyatt House Shenzhen China Resources Shenzhen Bay

♦  Haikou Poly Central Coast span>

♦  Hangzhou Merchants Yonghe House span>



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