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With the rapid development of China's eastern coastal economy, KONE Elevator officially landed in the Shandong market on December 18, 2001 and established a wholly-owned branch in Qingdao - KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch, responsible for KONE Elevator Shandong market sales, Installation and after-sales service work, so far has become one of the largest elevator and escalator suppliers in Shandong Province.
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KONE awards:

1) KONE Elevator - rated as "Annual Influential Enterprise of Public Energy Saving Technology" by the Ministry of Construction ;
2) KONE elevators and machine room-less elevators - rated as "the best supplier of real estate in China" by the China Real Estate and Housing Fair Organizing Committee.
3) KONE Elevator - rated as "2008 Beijing Olympic Green Building Excellent Technology Brand" by the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Construction and the Olympic Organizing Committee.
4) KONE Elevator Small Machine Room and Machine Room-less - Appraised by the Housing Industrialization Center of the Ministry of International Construction as the "Selected Products for National Well-Being Demonstration Project"
5) KONE Elevator Company - Rated as "3.15 Credit Brand for Consumer Rights and Interests" by China Consumer Protection Foundation.
6) KONE Elevator Company - was rated as "2008 International Building Energy Efficiency Model Brand Enterprise" by the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
7) KONE Elevator Small Machine Room and Machine Room-less - rated as "2009 International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (China) Science and Technology Demonstration Project" by the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association.
8) KONE Elevator Company was rated as "Top 100 Influential China in the World Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry" by the International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association in the 2nd World Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry China Development Conference (the only one in the elevator industry)
9) KONE Elevator Company was rated as "National Quality Integrity AAAAA Brand Enterprise" by China Quality Integrity Enterprise Association.
10) KONE Elevator - won the "Top 500 Chinese Brand Growth Potential" at the annual conference of influential brands in Asia.

KONE Elevator Preferential Conditions and Service Commitment

In order to better serve the leaders of your company and maintain a good cooperative relationship, our company will We have provided a preferential quotation plan with the greatest sincerity, and are committed to providing you with the most advanced gearless technology and the most high-end small machine room elevator configuration of KONE Group. We hope to establish long-term strategic cooperation with your company in the future. Partnerships.
1. Equipment quality guarantee period: 24 months from the date when the elevator is accepted and delivered for use, maintenance is carried out twice a month, and a major comprehensive inspection is carried out every quarter.
2. During the warranty period, it is fully responsible for the operation quality of the elevator, and free replacement of all parts damaged due to quality reasons.
3. Free on-site training for 3-5 user personnel during installation.
4. After the goods arrive at the site, provide necessary technical data as required, including electrical schematic diagram, installation instructions, user manual, and certificate of conformity.
5. In order to provide you with a thoughtful and comprehensive service, our company will send a special person to be fully responsible for the normal operation of the elevator to ensure the daily operation of the elevator. The number of elevators is >30, and a dedicated maintenance station is set up.
6. Our company has a full-time maintenance station of KONE in Zibo, with sufficient spare parts inventory. If there is an unexpected situation, our maintenance personnel can rush to the fault site in time to detect and troubleshoot within half an hour, and provide technical services support.
7. During the warranty period, our company will be responsible for the elevator of your company.
8. Perform and supervise on-site assembly and commissioning of the provided equipment.
9. Provide detailed operation manuals and maintenance manuals for each part of the equipment.
10. Provide information and reports on manufacturing, sales and spare parts.
11. Our company promises to actively cooperate with the general contractor and the design institute in design communication, provide relevant technical information and data analysis free of charge, and provide pre-sale services in the bidding project participated in this time.
12. During the equipment installation and construction, KONE dispatched a project manager with rich on-site construction experience to be responsible for the construction coordination of this project and to deal with the production quality of equipment and materials. Fully responsible for the coordination and cooperation with the general contractor.
13. After the expiration of the quality assurance period, spare materials will be provided at preferential prices. And promised that all KONE maintenance personnel will be undertaken by the regular employees who signed the contract with KONE.

KONE Zibo Project

With the rapid development of China's eastern coastal economy, KONE Elevator officially landed in Shandong market on December 18, 2001 and established a wholly-owned branch in Qingdao, Qingdao Branch of KONE Elevator Co., Ltd., responsible for the sales, installation and after-sales service of KONE Elevator in Shandong market. So far, it has become Shandong Province. One of the largest elevator and escalator suppliers.

Landed in Zibo market on May 18, 2005, KONE After 3 years of hard work, the company ranks among the top three in the Zibo elevator market;

After 6 years of hard work, KONE people have successfully The market ranks first. In order to better safeguard the interests of customers and provide customers with more efficient services, KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. established Zibo Office in Zibo on April 30, 2011.
In some communities with more than 30 units or near the community, special maintenance sites have been established, which is even better than the national standard 30-minute emergency repair time; a large spare parts warehouse has been established in Zibo area, which shortens the replacement time of accessories. It has laid a solid foundation for KONE's long-term development in Zibo.

  • Zibo Scenic Huating Hotel, ordered 3 KONE small machine room elevators, which kicked off the KONE elevator in the Zibo market.
  • Zibo Zhongfang Jade Garden selected 47 KONE machine room-less elevators. The machine room-less elevator does not need a machine room, so the project is designed with a beautiful wave-shaped appearance, which lays the foundation for KONE Elevator to enter the large-scale real estate company in Zibo.
  • Shandong University of Technology As an early high-rise building in Zibo, 29 A KONE small machine room elevator, EcoDisc® products with space-saving and energy-saving features greatly enhance the customer's building value.
  • Huadu City As Zibo's top Crown Hotel and office building, The tallest building under construction. KONE provided 7 sets of 2 m/s medium-speed elevators for the project with excellent product performance and perfect maintenance system.
  • Royal View International, as the largest residential project in Zhoucun District, selected 66 KONE small machine room elevators.
  • Zibo Hengfeng, Chinese Medicine Hospital Staff Residential Community and Zibo Fengming Phase II, 60 KONE machine room-less elevators were selected.
  • Lanyan Group Lanyan Jiayuan, a residential community developed for employees, 29 KONE small machine room elevators were selected.
  • Founder Phoenix City As a national well-being residence in Zibo City, Linzi District has a large It has signed a long-term strategic agreement with KONE, and successively developed Taigong Garden, Putian Garden and Zijiang Garden, and selected more than 200 KONE small machine room elevators.
  • The largest reconstruction project of the old village in Zibo - the first phase of the reconstruction of the old village of Nanmafang< /strong>The purchase of 103 KONE small machine room elevators once again established KONE's leading position in the Zibo market.
  • Qihua Palm City selected 52 KONE elevators for KONE in Linzi A good foundation has been laid for the development of the district again.  
  • Eton Properties is a real estate company developed by the richest man in the Philippines, an international company. In the large residential project Yujing Garden under construction in Zichuan District, a total of 49 KONE small machine room elevators were selected for the first phase of the project, which confirmed the technological leadership of KONE elevators.
  • Z-Run Overseas Chinese Town high-end 4 groups selected 29 KONE small computer rooms elevator.
  • Shandong Chuangye As a large real estate company in Zibo, it is developing in the high-tech zone A total of 59 KONE small machine room elevators were selected in the famous upper city.
  • Shandong Gold Property opened Golden International , 43 KONE small machine room elevators were selected.
  • Zibo area's largest small commodity wholesale market, the small commodity wholesale market developed by Huachuan Real Estate< strong>Jiangnan Grand Court Phase III, all KONE small Machine room elevator.




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